Which player would you choose to build your team around?
The 76ers have both talented players on their roster.
Every team would love to have either player.
Here we can take a quick glance at these players.

The Case for Embiid:
He has shown great potential to start the season.
Now in his third season in the league battling through injuries his talent is on display thus far.
Sure he has only played in 31 games in his career thus far.
If healthy Embiid displays all the skill sets need to continue his rise to stardom. Rim protector check, strong post moves check, 3 point range check it off as well.

The case for Simmons.
He enters his 2nd season but like his teammate Simmons also lost his draft year to injury. To start his season Simmons is shooting 50 percent from the field. Paired with his his size and ability to exploit passing lanes has him as a favorite to win Rookie of the year honors.

Who’s your pick? Although difficult Simmons is who I’d build my franchise around. This is a guard driven league now. Why not pick the player who could lead your team to the top of the Eastern Conference. Luckily for Philadelphia the answer is both.