George Zedan

George Zedan is an accomplished basketball coach for some of California’s highest achieving basketball players with more than a decade of competitive coaching experience.

George Zedan presently serves as AAU Head Coach at the Earl Watson Elite program in Los Angeles.

As the head coach for the nationally ranked 17U, George’s team competes and travels to play in the Under Armour Circuit, which features the most competitive tournaments in the United States. George’s coaching style emphasizes a rigorous, disciplined approach to cultivating success on and off the court. He has trained and prepared some the country’s best athletes, including over 30 Division I players in the past few years alone.

George Zedan is a Los Angeles native, born and raised in the city. He began coaching basketball more than 12 years ago, beginning in a local recreational league to support of his own children’s participation. The intensely competitive nature of the role proved both inspiring and addictive, and coaching rapidly moved to the front and center of both George’s personal and professional life. In a few short years, he was working with travel teams.

In 2008, George Zedan founded the Southeast Elite AAU Travel Team, which served student athletes and allowed them to travel to the largest tournaments on the West Coast as a team, free of charge. Scholarships were also provided for students to take SAT/ACT prep courses at no personal cost. With George Zedan as head coach, his team competed against and defeated to AAU talent, including Team Ariza, Double Pump Elite, Deron Williams All Stars, and Mater Dei’s travel team (which featured 6 Division One athletes).

As the years progressed, George Zedan became increasingly involved as a high school basketball coach, beginning at the bottom with freshmen and working his way into the position of Varsity Assistant Coach. His work made a lasting, positive impression within the community and, in 2011, he accepted an offer to serve as Head Varsity Coach with Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary. Since beginning his work as a head coach, George Zedan has overseen consistent success for his athletes both on and off the court.

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George Zedan earned his reputation for excellence through years of unwavering commitment to not only the sport, but also to the young men who play under his guidance. It is incredibly rewarding to transform a group of individually impressive athletes into a winning team.  Time and again, George has witnessed the fantastic potential of basketball to change lives for the better, especially for his players who come out of underserved neighborhoods or particularly challenging situations at home. He has found it to be nothing less than an honor to step in and support his athletes as they forge a better future for themselves and their communities through basketball.

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