Losing isn’t fun for any organization , but it may be a necessary step for the Clippers to build a team the  from the ground up. The statement comes from the other team that calls LA home. It’s been a common theme over the years for this franchise .

  The Majority of the Clippers time in Los Angeles there has always a promise of better things to come.

In the 90s it was Ron Harper Danny Manning and Pooh Richardson that lead the Clippers to a few seasons of success when Larry Brown lead them. During the 2000s Lamar Odom, Corey Maggette and Darius Miles lead a youth movement that fizzled out. Fast forward to the 2008 to the present.
  First DeAndre Jordan is drafted the following season they draft Blake Griffin. Next came a trade for Chris Paul. Lob City was born Doc Rivers was installed as coach and the Clippers became the other LA team with all the promise of parades to come,  banners hung that never came to be.
  The team that transformed into a perennial winner near the top of the conference now finds itself looking to start over. First Chris Paul had enough and headed to Houston. Now with the trade of Blake Griffin the team looks to rebuild the right way. Doesn’t this all seem too familiar,  we’ve seen and heard this before have we not? What’s changed new ownership,  new leadership,  new jerseys,  new logos?  Seems like the same Ole Clippers with a makeover.
  Now will be different says Steve Ballmer. Jerry West and Laurence Frank are on board to steer the Clippers this time around. Draft picks and young assets are on the way. Who knows this summer maybe they convince LeBron James to guide them to the next level. Sure it’s possible or in reality the beginning of a New Era which will be better than the last. But that’s the way it’s always been.  Why change that now.