On Saturday Alabama Football  played Auburn in the Iron Bowl and lost.

The men’s basketball team played Minnesota in a contest few will forget . The 1st half was uneventful. During the second half of the contest however business as they say picked up.
 It started when  a scuffle broke out on Alabama’s side of the floor. A bit of shoving occurred no punches landed. But all of the players on Alabama’s bench were ejected for leaving the bench area. Seven players in all.
  At that point in the game Alabama had 5 players left to play the remainder of the game. Then one of the five remaining players fouled out. Leaving four players to continue.
  When freshman John Petty turned his ankle and couldn’t continue Alabama was forced to finish the game with 3 players.
 A top 25 ranked team this season lead by Head coach Avery Johnson The Crimson Tide were in search of a signature win vs Minnesota.
  Having to finish the game with only three players was something few if anyone had ever seen on the hardwood.
 By NCAA rule a team is allowed to continue play until there is only one player left to participate that team will forfeit unless the refs believe both teams have an opportunity to win. Let that sink in for a moment. Using that logic three players was plenty. Watching this game was strange for many reasons. Minnesota had three defenders on the ball for most of the remaining game.
Being now double digits The Crimson Tide hung around and kept the score within reach.
 Although Minnesota won they had to fend off a furious comeback from Alabama. With 90 seconds to play it was a 2 point contest. We may never witness another game like this. Those of us who did will never forget this one.