The Los Angeles Clippers just hit the reset button. Blake Griffin has been traded to the Detroit Pistons for a few young players and a protected 1st round draft pick which is protected in 2018 2019 2020 if the pick is number 1 through 4.
2021 the pick becomes unprotected. The Clippers also receive a 2019 2nd round pick unprotected.
This trade is the first of a few more that are in the works. Veterans like Lou Williams and DeAndre Jordan are now also on the trading block. The Clips look to maximize draft picks and young players in return for their assets. The work to rebuild leaves fans to wonder what the plan is.
For Griffin and his 5 year contract he signed last summer the reminder that it’s just business. Blake was pitched by the franchise as
Mr Clipper only to find he’s been cast aside a few months last. In last summers presentation Blake was also shown his retired number hanging from the rafters.
In the end the only thing that was guaranteed was the 5 years and over 170 million dollars. Where he is paid to play may have relocated but business is business as Blake Griffin was reminded of. No more Mr Clippers only a new beginning in the Motor City..